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For the community, By the community

     Requests for display messages (non-commercial only) from public entities or accredited non-profits are accepted. Guidelines are stated below. 

     A message is defined as: Up to 4 lines of text to be displayed according to time parameters surrounding event up to a maximum of 21 consecutive days. The West Milford Rotary Club reserves the right to edit any message for space limitations, content, and amount of time messages are to be displayed. 

  1. Sign message requests must be made on the approved form or via email form with completed contact information

  2. Messages are to be event or public based

  3. Non-commercial message only. No product messages, for sale messages, or ticket prices. 

  4. No political messages

  5. no personal messages such as Happy Birthday, Just Married, etc. 

  6. Messages to meet local standard of acceptability

  7. Emergency messages take precedence 

  8. There is no guarantee of number of times your message will be displayed per day. Times displayed is dependent on the number of distinct messages displayed on any given day. 

     The West Milford Rotary Club has the final determination on what may or may not be displayed, and reserves the right to edit any submitted message for content, space limitations, and appropriateness. We look forward to publicizing your event or cause. 

     West Milford Rotary assumes no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of each message. Proper dates and times are the responsibility of the person/organization requesting any message to be displayed. Rotary will make a concerted effort to ensure accuracy but will not be liable for errors of any kind. If a mistake in a message is recognized by the sponsoring person and/or organization, it will be that person and/or organization's responsibility to notify Rotary immediately. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact wmrotarymessageboard@gmail.com.

    West Milford Rotary is proud to provide a community message center to the town. The sign, located at the intersection of Macopin and Union Valley Roads, will serve as a announcement center. This sign has been donated by Rotary, to the community, for the community. Rotary encourages community organizations to take advantage of this sign, and utilize the message center.

Message Information and Request Form

To request a message to be displayed, you must complete this form:

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